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The Rickter teams have been focusing on developing units to suit a wide range of uses.

The EDGE has been a huge success with its multi riding possibilities; from Wave riding to free riding, from carving turns to freestyle; which makes it an all around ski.

We kept working in that state of mind to make our unit perform in as many riding styles as possible with only minor adjustments.

We have created the XFR 2016: A short hull that can perform crazy tricks in the surf. It will spin, flip and carve like no other ski can. It is extremely easy to flip, due to its short length, but we also made it really stable when riding in a straight line by using back sponson technology of the EDGE.

This unit will carve tight turns with ease, which makes it a really fun unit to ride on flat water too.

The beauty of this unit is that, when you take off the back sponsons, what you will have in your hands is a state of the art

Freestyle unit. Without the back sponson, the bottom hull is the same as our XFS freestyle unit; it will allow you to push as far as you want with your freestyle maneuvers.  

The front tray has been extended compared to the XFS, giving the possibility to the rider to ride in surf stance. ( Shown picture includes front tray option and extra thick hood pad)


 We have been working on short hulls for long time and we have managed to make them stable and easy to maneuver.

We have also designed 3 ride plates for this unit:  short, medium and long, to make it perform for riders of all weights.

The short hulls have always been extremely maneuverable but really challenging at high speeds. Now the new XFR gives you the chance to ride fast and carve with great maneuverability for wild tricks. 


  The Xfr is using the same technology of the Xfs with the big volume on the back tray for adding flotation to prevent the back of the ski to sink on landing. Also The feet positions are angled forward to give the rider a more comfortable stance that  provides better riding position and extra thich pad installed at the heel to help absorbing the impact of even the biggest jumps.







The 2016 Rickter XFR comes with a high volume intake track that will suit pump from 144 to 162 - 163.




The XFR is offered in a variety of construction and cosmetic styles.

XFR was built with strong lay up, for Wave riding abuse.

XFR-LT for Freestyle and Freeride, is the same unit with lighter lay up and is not recommended for wave riding.

XFR and XFR-LT comes with new trash graphics kit. Available in Black, red, blue, green and yellow. Click to see avaliable color options.

All 2016 XFR Models are Available in fiberglass, carbon or carbon look.

-Adjustable Ninja Binding System
-Adjustable Engine Mounts
-Scupper Valve
-Billet Hood Clips 
-Fully Padded Tray 
-Hood Seal 
-Billet Pole Bracket 
-Fully Painted including Graphics
-2016 XFR Sponsons

The new XFR is now ready for order!




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