Blowsion Surf Slam 2018

“John Dady’s” vision of creating a World Class PWC Surf Competition blended with the World’s biggest Freeride event is celebrating its 10th year. Join the world’s greatest Watercraft Freeriders September 7th, 8th and 9th on the ocean beaches of Pacific City, Oregon for the only USA round of the 2018 IFWA Freeride World Tour. The Blowsion Surfslam is being held for its 10th consecutive year at the pristine Tierra Del Mar Beach access located just north of Pacific City, Oregon and is free to the public on this wide expanse of incredible beach. The Blowsion Surf Slam brings over 100 Pro, Amateur and first time Rookie competitors from around the world competing for cash purse, prizes and points towards the International IFWA World title, as well as the Blowsion Surfslam Champion.

Classes of Pro, Amateur and Rookie Freeride competitors will compete in the head to head double elimination format. A panel of expert judges will score them 50% for their wave surfing and 50% for their aerial maneuvers. The 2018 World Tour incorporates International rounds in Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Mexico and Japan. Watch it peak at the Blowsion Surfslam this September! The notorious Oregon Pacific Coast surf will boost riders in excess of 20+ feet in the air while performing surf combinations featuring multiple rotation backflips, Madonna rolls, can-cans, gerbil chokers, Superman backflips, inverted barrel rolls, floaters, look backs, aerial re-entries and no handed and no footed landings.

Not able to attend? No worries! We will be live streaming (2017 event stream here) the 2018 Blowsion SurfSlam weekend with the excellent assistance again of Richard Ignacio of

This event is a weekend of non-stop surf and core beach action. The Freeride Qualifying will begin on Friday September 7th. Sensi Sci is proudly presenting the seventh annual SENSI SCI BIG AIR SHOWDOWN on Sunday with cash awards to the top three freeriders demonstrating the most aerial amplitude in this must-see contest of aerial cojones and carnage. Rounding out the amenities of this action packed weekend is the vendor and sponsor beach display area with food and beverage offerings to add to the festival surf environment. With over three miles of open beach to drive on and launch from, be sure to bring your own wave-shredding machine to carve up some of the famous Oregon Pacific Ocean Surf.


The new XFS Ninja Competition features a new wider intake track and a bigger intake grate ( generation 3 ) to improve water flow which result in better performance.


Angle forward feet position gives the rider a more comfortable stance that provides a better riding position. An extra thick pad at the heel helps to absorb the impact of event biggest jump.


Increased flotation on the back of the hull, to keep the ski from sinking on landings. To achieve this without changing the handling of the ski, it uses high volume back tray making the hull much more friendly to use.

High Volume Intake Track

XFS Ninja Competition has a super long, wide and deep intake track to feed the pump with maximum water alimentation. Rickter XFR comes with a high volume intake track that suit pumps from 144-160.






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Back Tray

Xfr has a big volume on the back tray to prevent the back of the ski to sink on landing. The feet positions are angled forward to give the rider a stance that provides more comfortable riding.



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With Sponsons

With the back sponson on, the XFR is transforms into a unit which is stable and carve well. Sponsons installed XFR becomes an excellent wave-ride unit. Extra sponsons are also available for purchase.

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Without Back Sponson

Without the back sponson, the XFR bottom hull is the same as our XFS freestyle unit. Sponsons removed; it will allow you to push as far as you want with your freestyle maneuvers.  

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Official schedule 2018

Freestyle Personal Watercraft Association (FPWCA) is happy to announce that IJSBA sanctioned event 

Spring Round of 2018 Lee Stone Products U.S. Freestyle Championship will take place under the World

famous London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona on Saturday 19th of May 2018.

This is a 3rd annual event in Lake Havasu City after the freestyle only tour crossed over from Europe where it started 7 years ago.

Main freestyle competition will be held in the bridgewater channel under the London Bridge and will start at 1:30 PM. 

Best Trick Of The Night competition is scheduled to start after dusk at 7:30 PM.

Event is free to spectators.

Official FB event:

US Freestyle Championship is introducing new sub-classes for 2018 season.

Competitors in existing freestyle classes will also earn points towards the sub-classes.

Freestyle sub-classes:

Junior Freestyle – maximum age limit is 15 years old.

Ladies Freestyle – women only.

Veteran Freestyle – minimum age limit is 45 years old. 

Competition classes are:

Freestyle Beginner

Freestyle 800

Freestyle 900

Freestyle 1200

Best Trick Freestyle Beginner

Best Trick Freestyle 800

Best Trick Freestyle 900

Best Trick Freestyle 1200

Competitors should register for the competition via official website:

Social media:




Official hashtags: