Whether you are playing at the lake, carving buoys, ripping flat water freestyle or wave riding, The new EDGE is by far the most versatile hull we have ever built. Years of riding, research, and development have enabled Rickter to build an incredible hull which excels in all water conditions. Our design focus was to build a hull that performs at high speeds in the surf, plus improving maneuverability, while at the same time providing a very stable and predictable hull for all levels of riders. With all the development put into the Rickter Edge surpassed our expectations, we truly believe it will meet yours.

The Edge manufactured in two models FS And FR.


The Edge FS is a great unit which can accommodate different types of riding styles such as slalom and freestyle.


The EDGE FR features an extra strong layup to resist the worst abuse in surf riding. It is a great unit for wave-riding. Our team riders are taking care of putting our equipment to the ultimate test.

The EDGE includes;

-Adjustable Binding System
-Adjustable engine supports
-Scupper Valve
-Billet hood clips 
-Fully padded Tray 
-Hood seal 
-Billet Pole Bracket 
-Fully painted including graphics

The Hull will accept all Yamaha Super Jet mechanical parts, engine, etc. (Super Jet 08 and up need to replace the drive shaft of the version of the previous year)

All EDGE hulls are built with 100% epoxy resin using a high tech infusion process.

Standard Edge comes with full fiber built. Also produced as Full Carbon 380, Carbon Look and Textreme Look as well. For more information, fill up the form by clicking here. Our representatives will contact you with more details about weight, and the layup.

To see the high-end construction process don’t forget to have a look at our Rickter Factory video.


  • Length: 2020 mm, Width: 710 mm ,Height: 520 mm
  • Material: Fiber Glass / Carbon Fiber
  • Resin: Epoxy Infusion Resin System
  • Engine Setup: Standard Yamaha Super Jet 701 Pre-2008
  • Pump Setup: Standard Yamaha Super Jet 701 Drive Shaft
  • Intake Gate: Standard Yamaha Super Jet 701 Pre-2008
  • Rideplate Setup: RICKTER EDGE Rideplate
  • Accessories are included in RICKTER EDGE FS/FR
  • Aluminum Front Bracket 1 pc.
  • Adjustable Binding System set 1 pair
  • EVA padding 1 set
  • Aluminum Hood Clips 1 pair
  • Hood Seal 1 pc.
  • Aluminum Engine Mount Plate 1 pair
  • Stainless Steel Front Hook 1 pc.
  • Breathing Tube 2 pcs.
  • Aluminum Coupler Spacer (38×24.5x13mm) Big 1 pc.
  • Aluminum Coupler Spacer (34×24.5x13mm)Small 1 pc.

Note: Specification is subjected to change without notice.